Alyssa Harris

Special Memories | Alyssa Harris Senior Portraits

Today is a special day. It’s my brother’s birthday and the day that this special young lady, his daughter Alyssa, leaves home and heads off to college. Where has the time gone?

I was talking to my brother last night about how it feels like it was just yesterday she was born. That memory is so vivid. All the events of her life are so clear in our minds that it’s hard to believe that 18 years has flown by. I feel his excitement, his trepidation and his heartache as I prepare to send my own daughter off to college next week. It’s a day that I know isn’t going to be easy. It’s hard to even write those words without getting a lump in my throat…

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Destin, FL sand dunes at sunrise

Destin Sand Dunes

Back in April, we took the family down to Destin, FL for Spring Break. We met up with my 2 brothers and their families for a little fun on the beach. We took this same trip last year and had so much fun we’ve decided to make it an annual thing. We spent most of our time doing your typical family vacation stuff. Lots of lounging around at the beach and by the pool, great meals with family and tons of laughter. Just what the doctor ordered.

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Destin, FL

We just got back from an unbelievable vacation with my brothers and their families. We all piled into a big house down in Destin, FL for a week and pretty much did nothing except hang out at the beach/pool, eat and sleep. We realized that it was the first time that the 3 of us (me and my 2 brothers) had ever been on vacation together without our parents. We figure 18 years was long enough to wait for a vacation like that so we plan to do it again soon. Everyone had a fabulous time and we’re looking forward to going back soon.

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