Koralewski Family

Koralewski Family Portraits

Where has all the time gone?!?! It’s been way too long since I’ve updated the blog so I’m going to change that starting right now. I’ve got a library full of images from this past year that I want to share so expect to see more frequent updates from me in the coming weeks.

First up are some images I shot for the Koralewski family. What a sweet, amazing family this was. We had a gorgeous fall day out at Sidecut Metro Park and I had a blast capturing some fun images of this beautiful family.

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Dempsey Family

Dempsey Family Portraits

When I launched my website back in October, Keith Dempsey was the first guy who reached out and asked me to take some pictures of his family. We met up at the Farmer’s Market in late October and just wandered around downtown for an hour or so. Keith’s sister and her son came along as well and we all had a good time just goofing around.

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The Kids

It’s not often that my own kids let me take pictures of them. Usually I’m in stealth mode trying to grab a snapshot here and there. If my camera is out, more often than not I’m hearing some kind of grumbling from them. In fact, my daughter has a t-shirt with a picture of a camera on it that says “This is not a photo opportunity.” Such is the life with a couple of teenagers around the house. It’s really a shame because, as you can see below, they are beautiful kids.

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The Proposal

On Novemeber 1st, I had one of the most unique photographic opportunities I’ve ever had. My good very good friends, Cory and Lindsey, got engaged that day. Just like the paparazzi, I was hiding in the bushes to capture the moment. Truth be told, Cory had worked out this elaborate plan to surprise Lindsey with a marriage proposal and he asked my wife and me to be a part of his plan.

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