Blake Whiteley

Blake Whiteley Artist Promotional Photos

Not long ago I had the opportunity to shoot some artist promotional photos for Blake Whiteley. He was in need of some images to support a new album he was working on with my good friend Jake Rye. Our objective was capture images for the album cover and packaging along with additional artist promotional photos to be used for social media and other marketing materials.

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Corey Kanable

Corey Kanable Senior Portraits

I have known the Kanable family for years and I’m proud to call them friends. Years ago, we used to be neighbors and our families spent more time hanging out at their pool than I can remember. Good memories indeed. I was fortunate to shoot senior portraits for Corey’s older brother and sister so I was honored when she recently asked me to shoot hers as well.

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A New Beginning | First Impressions Of The Fuji X100T

I’ve been shooting with Nikon cameras for as long as I can remember. I know every curve, button and dial like it was an extension of my body. My current cameras, a pair of D800’s, have produced higher quality images than I ever imagined possible. They are rock solid performers and there is very little they can’t do. Why then, was I feeling restless to try something new?

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Casting Crowns perform live at The Huntington Center in Toledo, OH on October 9, 2014 (Jeff Harris)

Casting Crowns @ The Huntington Center

I recently had the opportunity to shoot Casting Crowns on the Thrive Tour when they came through Toledo and performed at the Huntington Center. Casting Crowns was supported on this tour by Mandisa and Sidewalk Prophets (I’ll have photos of their sets up soon). The production for all 3 bands was fantastic and it made for a really enjoyable concert. If you have a chance to catch this tour when it comes through your town, I highly recommend it.

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